How to clean water tanks

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    Taken from SHURflo water pump fitting instructions

    To be used after fitting new pipework,fittings or new pump, and for general sanitising the tank and pipe work in situ

    use one of the following formula

    1, multiply tank size in UK gallons by 0.156

    Example 1.
    20 UK Gallon Tank is 20 x 0.156 = 3.12 fluid oz of normal domestic bleach


    2.Multiply Tank size in Ltrs by 1

    Example 2.
    80 ltr Tank is 80x 1= 80 Millilitres of normal domestic bleach

    Mix bleach and some water in separate container and pour into water tank.

    Fill tank with fresh water and run thro all taps Hot and Cold and Shower Head until the odour of chlorine is detected at each Tap
    mixed at these strengths the mixture should remain in contact with pipework and tanks for a period of 4 Hrs

    Doubling the concentration will take contact time down to one Hr

    After treatment drain solution re fill tank and purge all sanitising solution
    Two or more rinses may be reqd to rid the system of chlorine odours
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