How many people fit in an RV?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by TJ-RV, Jan 12, 2008.

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    One of the couples at a rally wanted the group to see a video of one of their trips, so my wife says "Come on over to our coach and we'll see the show there". Some folks had to sit on the floor, but we managed to fit a small group in. It was starting to feel like one of those "how many people can we fit in a telephone booth" pranks. I was cursing under my breath, afraid of all that weight on the slideouts.

    A few people here who have visited the U.S. and have met some of the people may recognize a few faces.

    FWIW the coach is a 38 foot Monaco Camelot, triple slideout. That old tube TV has since been replaced with a 32" LCD, and the sofabed has been replaced by a desk and credenza to make a small office. So we couldn't seat this many people today.

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  2. ukrv

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    Hi Tom

    That is indeed impressive.

    However, if it rains at Jims forthcoming birthday bash I can assure you he will (have to) fit a lot than that in his rig - as the beer's on him !!



    PS I'm a little concerned at your pictures - I can see some of the guys having to stand up whilst the women have grabbed the chairs. And I though you old guys over there had all these things sorted :Rofl1:
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    I can not get that many in my front room at home. :Eek!:

  4. TJ-RV

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    I don't know about the other guys, but I'm seated at the table, next to the mirror, and the missus is sitting on the floor (blue tank top).

    IIRC you've met Lorna, Ron and Sam, but I don't know who else you might have met while you were zooming around North America.
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    Landrake, Cornwall
    Ralph's Front room

    If you haven't got triple slide-outs in your front room at home - then it's obvious you won't get that many people in :thumb:

    What I want to know is if TJ-RV had enough cups and saucers to go around :Eeek:

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    Hi Tom,

    Glad you've got the seating priorities sorted.:Rofl1:

    Ann-Marie and I met Ron and Sam for a couple of hours in Yuma.

    I briefly met Betty, Terry, Ned, Lorna and Russ on our Alaskan travels (Ann-Marie was busy removing 2 inches of dust from everything in the RV, after we had done the Top of the World highway so didnt get to meet the Brewers)

  7. Road Runner

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    Never knew they had Coronation Street in the States:Wink:


    Onlty teasing:Laughing::Rofl1:
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    LOL John. As an aside, we do get Coronation Street, but they're old reruns. We used to be avid followers of Eastenders on BBC America, until they replaced it with The Office a few years ago. Why the heck would they put that junk on? We sure don't watch it.
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    We don't drink booze from cups & saucers, but we do keep a supply of plastic 'glasses' for visitors.
  10. TJ-RV

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    Ah yes Paul, I'd forgotten that Russ was along with the Brewers and the Reiters on their Alaska trip. Of course, neither Russ nor Ned are in the photo.

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