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I am looking at buying and converting a Renault Trafic in to a campervan.

Can anyone tell me what parts I need to install a leisure battery and electric hookup and how to do it myself or point me in the direction of a guide?

Sep 26, 2013
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I suggest that you join SBMCC where you will be able to pick up all the information that you are looking for.

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Jan 28, 2008
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to separate jobs really ,you need the hook up socket, a garage/ caravan consumer unit and at minimum one 13 amp socket
for the leisure battery you need obviously the battery and a fuse block to supply what ever you want to run from the battery
this is where it starts to get more complicated the battery will run out of charge and you now need a way to charge it
how you do that will depend on how you use the van
first step is usually a split charge system which will allow you to charge the leisure battery whilst driving
how ever if your going to drive to a site and stay there a week this isnt going to work so now you need a battery charger that runs from mains hook up whilst on site
if you intend more wild camping or using aires abroad then you will not always have hook up so now you need solar panels on the roof and a controller to charge the batteries
the above is what i have in my van
however others seen to not get enough back into their batteries using a split charge system in cold weather partically the skiers with high usage
then the options are adding a battery to battery charger or an alternator to battery charger both of which provide more power to the batteries than a split charge system so can recharge quickly by running the engine
so first you need to have an idea of how you intend using the van then you need to know what your going to run of it add up the power your going to use water pumps lights chargers tv etc compressor fridges need more 12v power but three ways are normally run on gas as some one has said joining the sbmcc will open up a huge archive of wiring diagrams and debates on different systems
you probably wish you hadnt asked now
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Jul 25, 2007
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A useful guide to the IEE regulations for installing the 230v mains hook up .
It's a caravan.. but it's exactly the same regs. for a camper van

Hoover, I would suggest that unless you are a qualified electrician you consult a competent person for guidance before undertaking yourself.. it's relatively straightforward but it's also easy to make a mistake and cause injury or death.. after installing it should be checked and tested by a qualified electrician..

For the 12v side, it can be as simply as fitting a battery and charger.. a split charge real for charging the leisure battery and supplying 12 v to the fridge to cool it while traveling.. plus a lighting, water pump circuits.

I can say with 100% certainty that you will get answers to all your questions on this forum, we have several self builders , and plenty who do their own mods., paying £10 and becoming a full member will soon prove invaluable.. but break it down into small elements.. again, if you can get the help and advise from a competent person it would save you a lot of time and potential mistakes that can be just as dangerous as mistakes installing the mains..

This Haynes manual is the nearest I can find to a practical guide.. find it second hand in eBay .. motorcaravan manual &_nkw=haynes motorcaravan manual &_sacat=0

no idea how useful it would be, but it says..

"Guidance is also given on accessories, weight restrictions, modifications, restoration work and self-build projects."
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