Honeymoon week is over

Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by jimothy, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. jimothy


    Apr 12, 2012
    So it's been a week since I picked up my eBay bargain Machzone.

    I've brought it down to Basingstoke from Notts where it came from; I took it in to work one day this week, much to everyone's enjoyment :roflmto:

    Today I have crawled all over it, poked, prodded, and tested (with ebay never far away). I've had the hookup plugged in, and filled the water tank, had all the curtains down, all the windows open, beds out, the heating on, tested the hob... There's been a few discoveries, but nothing major, I still think I have a bargain and good news is I still love it and cannot wait for the first weekend away soon! :thumb:

    Here's my snagging list so far:

    1. I snapped one of the engine cover catches opp5 in my defence it was pretty corroded!
    2. Leaky windscreen squirter connector - (couple of quid of eBay)
    3. Waste water tap doesn't turn off (having cleaned out what can only be described as soil from the tap and hose!) - I don't think that the turny bit actually belongs to the rest of the tap - (couple of quid off eBay)
    4. Lower front cross-member is pretty rotten (65 quid eBay)
    5. Offside rear bump stop disintegrated (20 quid eBay)
    6. Bathroom shower/tap drippy - hoping the tap is DIY-serviceable
    7. Slight drip from the hot water outlet on the boiler
    8. One ignitor on the hob not working - but just the wire not connected underneath
    9. Knob for the grill is stuck fast
    10. The cold air blower is a bit fumey - inlet hoses need a spot of rerouting in the engine bay I think.
    11. Passenger seatbelt doesn't return

    So nothing really bad, and inexpensive to put right. And I'm enjoying being able to fix stuff on it :Smile:

    The drippy boiler is the only thing I'm a bit nervous of what I'll find - it's leaking where the red hose is jubilee clipped to the boiler housing, and has obviously been repaired with plenty of sealant in the past. I just wonder what is lurking beneath all the silicon sealant :wub:
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  2. mikebeaches

    mikebeaches Funster

    Feb 22, 2010
    Sounds like you've got an interesting project but, as you say, most of the things on the snagging list don't sound too serious.

    Hope you get it all sorted so you can enjoy using the van.

    Good luck with it and have FUN! :RollEyes:
  3. highwayman

    highwayman Funster Life Member

    Jul 31, 2007
    Kent coast
    Hi Jimothy
    I've had our water heater out and apart, my water outlets are just screw-in plastic jobbies
    couple of quid each off good old fleabay.
    All the parts are available for most models, you just have to find out what you've got.

    cheers nige

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