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    Hi all,

    Whilst at Stratford in the company of Ash (Steve & Lynn), I commented on and gave my reasons for not being happy with our current solar regulator, and felt that a replacement was required.
    Steve agreed with my suspicions, which were confirmed when he and Lynn visited our MH for a quick squint and a brew, just before they set off for home.

    A quick enquiry with Steve's supplier at the show, secured a new, higher amperage regulator at a very reasonable price.
    Within minutes, I was back at the MH, with the new regulator in hand, and Steve proceeded to install it for Rita and I.
    TBH, if it was a straight swap, I could easily have carried out the job myself, but the larger dimensions of the new regulator meant repositioning, re routing and extending of cables, and installing new trunking.
    A job that would have taken an amateur like me all afternoon, especially after sourcing cables, terminals, etc, etc, was completed by Steve within the hour, (in between slurps of tea). :roflmto:

    The job is neat and tidy, and the new regulator is with easy access for use, as is the protective fuse, should I ever need to replace it.

    Rita and I are very happy with Steve's work and charges, and wouldn't hesitate to have him carry out more work on our "pride and joy". :thumb:

    Regards to all,

    Jock & Rita. :Smile:
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