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    Hi all, been cleaning the dethie ready for the hols, of to Oban for a few day,s and the weather is to be purfec. First of all had a cracking start to the hols yesterday (Sunday) launched one of my friends boat into the Clyde at Renfrew short sail down river cart onto clyde passed John Browns old yard where Hood, QE2, and I think Britania were all built.
    took 3.5 hrs to motor sail in fantastic sunshine all the way down past Dumbarton Rock, Newark Castle, Fergusons of Port Glasgow, Greenock, Gourock, and then across to Sandbank in the Holy Loch where the US nuclear subs had a base at one time. Onto the mooring and hey presto sat back and enjoyed more ray,s.
    For those who dont know sailing is a bit like motorhoming only on water, and we drive on the right. or should that be Port to port (left to Left) maybe see a few happy campers that would be :Cool:
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