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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by pepper386, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Hi Every one Tonys better half here - I am trying to sort out some insurance for our 7 - 9 month stay in France - we will be doing some travaling and some none payment working ie for our keep - we have full insurance for the fiver and the truck - we have Europenan cover E111 - Any ideas on getting more insurance - do we have enough or should we bit the bullet and pay the £500 that most sites seem to want, these policies are for holiday cancellations and lost luggage - which we don't need - its driving me mad - has anyone got any advise on what we can do - many thanks Helen x :Eeek:
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    Although they include things you may not want like cancellation and lost luggage, on a normal Travel policy, the vast bulk of the premium is actually for the Emergency Medical Expenses cover, which includes the exceptionally important Repatriation cover.

    That's to say Yes your E111 will cover you in hospital if you suffer a dire accident or say get peritonitis out of the blue - but should you actually want to come home either for treatment itself or because you are disabled (like you will be in a plaster cast for X months or summat) or need recuperation time, and therefore unable to enjoy staying abroad - then the E111 doesn't cover that.

    Or is it liability cover for when you are working?

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