Hohoho full of woe woe woe-alternator woes

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by PP Bear, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. PP Bear

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    Apr 5, 2013
    Can't believe the rotten luck of it :cry:

    Been planning Christmas away in the van for ages. Vans packed, fridge full, beds made, christmas presents packed. My brother drives all the way up from the West Country and we load the van up with all his stuff and presents too and the next second the engine revs increase slightly and the battery charge light comes on and stays on :whatthe:

    I've checked every possible cause and the only thing i found was a 20 amp fuse had blown (I think it must be related to the electric step and control panel, as they both still operated after the engine had been started). I changed the fuse and it made no difference at all to the battery charge light. Checked the battery voltage and it reads 12.5 volts at the moment. When I run the engine there is no increase in voltage, so looks like the alternator. I've checked all the fuses I can think of, including the ones at the leisure batteries and they're all fine.*

    I did manage to crawl underneath in the soaking rain today and try the output at the back of the alternator, but it also read the same voltage as at the battery. Also took off all the larger amp fuses at the battery and they're all ok.*

    So unless there's another fuse I'm not aware of, or a relay I should check, it looks like the alternator. Has anyone changed one themselves as I may try it tomorrow, but it looks like more torrent rain and high winds, so think I'm due for a soaking.

    Also I've read a number of blogs that say the alternator drive belt is a stretch version, does anyone know any different?

    Many thanks for reading this far. Really miffed off as I've only done 16550 miles from new!!!

    Oh and had a new cam and drive belt fitted 900 miles ago in the summer.

    Not looking like its going to be the Christmas we had planned, unless I can pull off a small miracle tomorrow.

    Any thoughts please??

  2. buckby


    Sep 6, 2013
    see if theres a tensioner on the alternator if there is then its not a stretch belt if you can tension the belt make sure it is well tensioned I had a 2.5 ducato years ago drov it all the way back form suffolk until the battery was tottaly flat ordered a new alternator whent to try the belt tensioned it up to a bow srting and old alternator worked again even though the belt was too slack it didnt sqeal or anything worth a try
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