Hobby 600 (X244) Does it have a waste Water heater

Discussion in 'Hobby' started by emmitdb, Mar 2, 2016.

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    The question is in the title I suppose.

    We have one of the last X244 chassised Hobby 600 series (650EC)
    with a Fiat 2.8 lump. They started making ours in 2005 and it wasn't first Reg until Sept 2007.

    I was reading the latest edition of MMM last night and in it, there was a readers submission about their Hobby of a similar vintage although it was a different model.

    It was stated in the article that the model had a waste water heater element in the tank.

    We have had our 'van for two years and up to now I haven't found such a accessory.

    Was it a standard fit in 2005-6 or was it an optional extra?

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