HIGHLY recommended pub stopover in Cheltenham

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    Hi guys,

    We stopped at this place last week:


    The House in the Tree pub. The owner Jason, has a MH and is very happy to let others stay in the pub for free, if you are happy to oblige by having a meal.

    The food was excellent, service was excellent and the beer was excellent. On top of that, they have a small selection of animals that the kids loved, together with the play area.

    They have a specific field tailored for MH's (with free hook up too) and a large carpark if you do want to remain on hardstanding, you can.

    I would strongly advise that you call and book for dinner and let them know you are coming as we ate @ 6pm, but the place was not taking any walk in customers after that point as it is very popular (and this was on a Thursday).

    You can also stay for longer than one night with prior agreement. I would note that we actually got stuck in the mud prior to entering the field, (more to do with my missus' driving), but no problems, within an hour a tractor had arrived to sort it out whilst we were eating.
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