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Hi To All

Keith and Debs

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Sep 25, 2007
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3 Years
Hi Everyone Found this place after our visit to York show last sunday.... Have browsed the forums and it seems a fun place to be..
A little now about ourselves . We sold up nearly 2 years ago now, sold the house and everything in it and bought ourselves an American RV. Our first ever motorhome our first ever venture of this kind previously we have only ever done camping holidays in a tent. So as some of you seasoned veterans can appreciate we have had a very steep learning curve, but boy has it been worth it we are loving it and wouldnt go back to a house without wheels now.
Got back from 6 months of lovely Spanish sun in Late April and plan to spend this years winter in the UK (are we mad)
Anyway before i waffle on for ever i will just say that if there are any newbie or would be full timers out there who we can pass our findings on this lifestyle onto, we are more than happy to try to help out and hopefully not give you the steep learning curve we have had..

take care.

Keith and Debs.

Dont Dream it Do it..


Deleted User
Hi Keith and Debs........Welcome to the FUN site ::bigsmile:

Its always great to welcome new members, and RV owners too,( not that I am at all biased :roflmto: )

Stick around, I am sure you'll love it here :thumb:

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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea
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Since 1990
Hi Keith and Debs, Thanks for registering with us at Motorhome Fun, Your experiences will be a most welcome addition here.

You might also want to look in on a friend of ours. Jim (too many Jims I know:Smile:) who runs RV Fulltiming this is a great site with a lot of info for you full timers

I hope that your visits to us here at motorhome fun will keep you informed and entertained as you winter here in the UK. Please make them frequent and fun. ::bigsmile:


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Jul 20, 2007
Funster No
A big welcome from me too Keith & Debs.
I know that you will enjoy it here and we look forward to reading some of your posts with interest. We have quite a few full timers on Fun, so you are in good company. Linda always likes to welcome fellow RVers as they help to keep her busy running to the post office :roflmto::roflmto:
Maybe you would like to add some campsites into our database, I am sure that you have probably used one or two :roflmto: and please check out our calendar for upcoming meets, it'll give you an excuse to get out in the RV :ROFLMAO:
Looking forward to meeting up sometime.....


Adria 5

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Jul 23, 2007
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adria caravan
hi you are most welcome:Smile:


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