Hi from Worcestershire


Aug 22, 2007
A little bit left of Middle England
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Autosleeper Nuevo
since 1988
I have one of the smallest coachbuilt vans with a loo and shower - an Autosleeper Nuevo.

At 5.4m long and 2.1m wide, it has been down some very narrow lanes in Cornwall without mishap!

It has a solar panel which keeps the batteries topped up for several days, a decent size fresh water tank, a full cooker(!), easy to make bed and has been around long enough to have some decently priced second-hand ones available.
Jan 1, 2017
Funster No
van conversion, Peug
4 years
Hi and thank you to Lizsnowdrop and lorger for you most recent posts.
Our research continues on many fronts as to how best to finance a motorhome, what we want from the motorhome/van but equally as important what we from having a motorhome/van.
Just when we think we have settled on a top 3 of make/model, we look further at them and there we stop.
And all of that with the pandemic backdrop that shapes what is on the market at a 'reasonable price'. There looks to be a shortage of what we like and a lot of opportunistic pricing.
Lizsnowdrop, you raise many valid points as to what is actually wanted/needed when you are out and and about, what would make life on the road comfortable versus a luxury. Having the small VW transporter conversion means we can go anywhere and not be concerned whether it is in town or on a beach down a farm track. However it does lack the essentials of an inhouse toilet and reasonable seating. Making the bed each day isn't ideal and no really heating was proving restrictive when it comes to adventures over the cooler months.
Do we need such luxuries as an oven, longitudinal or transverse bed, fixed or make up bed, I don't know, we haven't had the opportunity to try.
Do we flashy LED lighting everywhere, a drinks cabinet, etc. I am not sold on such accessories but they certainly make a model more marketable.
I read reviews as to the experience of blown versus wet heating systems. wet heating seems to be the better experience but again I have nothing to gauge on apart from the wise words of others.
We like to be self sufficient and have used campsites when we need to freshen up, or there are no safe spots to wild camp. But we like to be more on the road than drive to a location and park up for a few days. I get itchy feet if we are in one location for more than one night. The lure of what is next to see calls louder and LOUDER.
The more I have read on this forum and others is that you have to be careful in your choice of a motorhome or a van. Water ingress and damp problems together with the quality of the manufacture and the base vehicle it is on. For me the reviews and feedback of an individuals experience whilst owning one is proving pivotable in narrowing the search.
A few individuals said spend what you can afford, logical or good advice. I agree. it just doesn't gve you the type of motorhome or van that appeals.
So all of the above is telling me not to rush, we still have the VW camper van to go explore.
If I could rent the motorhome or panel van conversion we like the look of to try them out I would. I am looking at that route as an interim solution but that doesn't appear really forthcoming and costly but of course not as expensive as buying the wrong van might be.
You are so right, no rush at the moment, your t5 sounds fine , I see your in Worcs, a long way from us unfortunately or you’d be welcome to have a snoop around our van. Got pics of your t5 ?