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    Jan 28, 2008
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    We have just purchased a McLouis 261 Low profile Motorhome.Dont know much about them,but we were at The Shepton Mallett Show beginning of January and saw this one and fell in love with it.We have not been Motorhomers for very long, just over a year.Our first one was a Pilote A class 23MX but we decided we liked the fixed bed in the McLouis and we are picking it up on 15th February.Does any-one out there have a McLouise and can tell us about them? we are off to Scotland for 2 weeks end of April but really want to be brave and take it to Spain.

    We just love going off different places,we have our little dog,Brett an American Cocker Spaniel,he just loves to go away in the Motorhome,and we have met some lovely people by doing this.We live in Gloucester and last summer when the floods hit,our Motorhome was ideal,we took it to camp sites and could have showers and do our washing,which was fantastic because we had no water,for over 2 weeks.

    We are new to this site,so would love to hear from any-one
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    Hi Maureen and Keith

    Welcome to 'Fun' :BigGrin: Hope you enjoy it here.......

    There are lots of Meets and Shows on the calendar if you feel like joining any of them - look forward to meeting you both sometime.

    Your new MH sounds great - and you have a good few weeks to get used to it, before your trip to Scotland. Bet you can't wait until the 15th:Wink:
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    Sutton on Sea
    Hello, thanks for registering.

    Go on be Brave, there are tens of thousands of motorhomers in France and Spain all having a great time, please don't be afraid to join them. Don't forget that Brett will need a pet passport if he is to go with you.

    Welcome to the fun, I am sure we can answer all your questions:thumb:
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    Jul 19, 2007
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    Hello there, Maureen & Keith!

    And a very warm welcome to the friendliest motorhome web site on the internet :BigGrin:

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