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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mani01, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. mani01

    mani01 Deleted User

    hi all,

    just thought i'd introduce myself, the name is al., living in the epping forest area of essex. i've recently acquired a 2nd-user hobby m.home and have only spent a couple of weekends out in it to date (had it about a month) but am enjoying the lifestyle and can see how attractive it will be when sunnier/warmer weather comes along !

    i'm worried about taking my dog(bitch) with me as she's currently taken to messing the carpets at home and i'm not sure if i'd retain my composure if she tries that particular trick in the motorhome...?

    there are tentative plans being formulated to visit the bordeaux area of france and black forest area of germany, but not both at the same time :ROFLMAO:

    any advice that can be given about motorhoming in the black forest area of germany will be gratefully received. i feel a bit awkward about staying on sites as i'm not yet convinced that spending a tenner+ a night for resting my wheels on a piece of grass is quite 'value for money', but i'm yet to make up my mind on that question... :RollEyes: i may be a candidate for the stellplatz? - does anyone know of any good ones in the border area of strasbourg ?

    cheers al

    p..s.. any opinions on drinking alcohol in a motorhome. the uk law says that being in possession of keys to the vehicle and being over the limit is an offence if i'm on public highways, does that apply if i'm parked up in a layby or would i need to be on private land to enable me to open a bottle of wine and go over the drink/drive limit ?
  2. dylan


    Aug 31, 2007
    sw wales
    Welcome to the fun site, I am sure your questions will be answered when they all get up !:RollEyes::thumb:
  3. Forestboy

    Forestboy Funster Life Member

    Jul 31, 2007
    Forest of Dean
    Hi Manio1

    Welcome to the FunForum

    Not a dog owner myself but plenty on here are and will be along with advise soon.
  4. Jim

    Jim Ringleader

    Jul 19, 2007
    Sutton on Sea

    Hi mani01, welcome to the fun::bigsmile: You have asked some good questions :thumb: The beauty of forums is that once you have asked the question the answers given benefit everyone. If those answers are hidden away in your introduction thread they might never be found again so I hope you don't mind that I will move your questions to the relevant forums. I am sure you will get the answers you want.

    You will find your touring question <here> and your Drinking in a motorhome Question >here<

    Thanks for registering and please do join in the fun.::bigsmile:
  5. furmingerfamily

    furmingerfamily Deleted User

    Welcome to the site Al! :Smile:

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