Hi, all. I'm new to the forum and on my lunch break so wondered if anyone can help with a question? (1 Viewer)

Apr 4, 2023
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Swift Sundance 630L
Although have had many motorhomes & campervans over the last 40 years, I've not had one with a Satellite system before. I'm hoping that some kind member, may have advice on this.......We have an Autosat Light Crystop which I would say is 10-15 years old. It wasn't able to lock onto any Satellites and as the motorhome had not been used for 2 years and the satellite for longer, I heard it probably needed updating. I googled a dealer but although there was a crystop.co.uk page, if you click on anything, it takes you to another page which is a domain site. This indicates that there isn't a dealer in UK for Crystop any longer. I've contacted the crystop.de page twice but no reply. I did find a link to RoadPro in UK and contacted someone there who said to send the unit for update. I explained that when I pressed the on button, selected Astra 2, the dish went into action but could not find it. I sent it off & received it back within a few days and was told the update was successful & the unit had tested OK with their equipment. We've plugged it back into our motorhome. Seemed easy just plugging the two things back in and connecting the co-axials. Pressed start, the unit red LED comes on then we immediately hear a click from within (as if something has 'tripped') & two amber lights illuminate on the underside. I've looked up these lights and they are indicating a stop/service. There is absolutely nothing from the dish, no sound, no movement. The one time we tried it, there was the briefest of sounds from the dish before the 'click' & amber lights. We got a ladder and can't see anything wrong, I wondered if something was stuck but don't know what we are looking for. We don't really bother with TV but as this is fitted to the motorhome, we'd like it to work especially as we plan to travel more and for longer. It seems like it's all probably obsolete which is sad. I've contacted two dealers who say they repair systems but they're not really interested in helping, just saying they sell a different make. It's a shame as the dish wasn't the problem before. If anyone has any experience or advice, we'd very much appreciate it. Thanks for wading through this post :giggle:

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