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    Oct 15, 2013
    I like to do what I can about security and particularly when we are asleep in the van so having read about the ease with which the latest Ducato door locks can be broken into and how the quarter light can be cut out easily, I decided to do 2 things:-

    Fit Proplates to the existing door handles which protects the original locks from being attacked with a screwdriver. You can see how to do this here on YouTube
    My set of proplates included additional steel U channel, not shown on the video to further protect the locks from attack and this fits inside the door using the bottom two existing door handle screws and fixing nuts. A tube of music/sealant was also provided. I bought my kit from http://www.protectavan.co.uk/vehicles/fiat/ducato-sept2006-present/ducato-sept-2006-present-proplate Cost was £85.51p after VAT and carriage have been added for both front cab doors.

    I also decided to fit Heosafe deadlocks which are specifically designed in Germany for Motorhomes and fit even if you have Remis Window blinds and don't require any advanced skills other than being able to use a screwdriver, allen key and a dremel to cut away some of the plastic and a drill to drill some 2mm holes. The deadlocks are operated solely from inside and the door can be locked and unlocked by pushing in and turning a knob but they can also be key operated to deadlock them. The instructions provided are very good and various versions are available to fit different cab makes and ages. I bought mine here - http://www.campervanstuff.com/shop_stuff/index.php?mod=product&id_prd=1385 Cost £153.01 including carriage and VAT for both cab doors. Take care as there is a cheaper version which is an option with no key to deadlock the doors.
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