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    Apr 1, 2008
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    :RollEyes: Hi there, Has anyone out there got an Eberspacher Airtronic Cab Heater fitted to their van. Any problems with it? I'm looking for a D4 or D5 model.

    Denis the menace
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    There's a list of dealers <here> Denis.................. don't know anything about them though :RollEyes:
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    Staffordshire Moorlands
    Do you mean Cab Heater or Habitation heater.If Habitation I have one in my Autocruise.
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    Hi, at the D5 water system in my last van, and must say it was a total waste of time and money, The system eats batteries (2x 110 ah) and also as a lock out system that protects the heater this cut in so many times ( you get 10 or 12 faults) that the system stopped all together, and you need to go to a main dealer to get it reset.
    These systems are for HGV,s and not really for motor homes that need battery power so much.
    I dare say that there will be people who state that they are the best thing in the world, sorry but I have it in a box in the garage and it will be going on e-bay when I get the rest of the system from France.

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