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Jul 1, 2022
Doncaster, UK
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Hello everyone
Some help needed please from you brilliant minds 🙏 I have the nord ne221 and ne222 control panel
I have managed to get the wiring diagram of this fuse board and control panel
I’m now trying to get the solar icon that appears on the control panel
Just like you get when on mains power which is a signal
this no longer is fitted with the original pwm controller or solar it came with
I’m guessing at some point a signal went from the fuse board to the control panel to say solar was active
I’ve no idea how it works if I’m honest
But I want to try and get it back working
I did go through the same when changing the Sargent px300 to Victron ip22 I lost that feed that went to the control panel to get around that I had to also use the px300 but take out the battery cables that run to the px300 I just left in the signal wire
So when I charge it notifies on the ne222 that power mains is active

I fitted the Victron mppt direct to the battery . It was a straight swap from the pwm but I did not see any other wiring from the pwm. So it must have been even before the pwm was fitted
Some kind of solar must have been fitted to this system that linked to the ne221 and ne222 panel
On the fuse board you can see a fuse for the solar
Also on the wiring diagram it shows jp1 pin 2 & 3 was for solar
It would be great to get this working


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