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Discussion in 'Hymer' started by hymerhopper, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Hi, I have a 14 year old (1995) Hymer s700 which I have owned for 8 years, still in superb condition for her age, but I need to renew a few internal parts, which like all us old un's are decomposing with age!!! I need to replace the TV locker roller shutter door, which is now very delicate and has spilt, I have tried repairing with a cloth back, but not very successful, it is a very arkward part to replace as it appears you have to nearly dismantle the overhead cupboards to re-new. Any help or advice on where I could purchase a replacement and ideas on fitting would be much appreciated. Thanks :thumb:
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    In my house
    Not surprised you have not had much response to this!!:Sad:

    However i own a roller shutter company and have managed to find these people who will probably be able to help you.

    Tambour door systems, tambour shutter systems, furniture shutter systems

    The fitting of shutters in furniture is very different to the type fitted to buildings because the shutters dont actually roll into a box at the top of the opening but run round a groove cut into the furniture and store at the back of the unit. Replacing the curtain is a pig of a job as you need to remove the unit to allow you to split it and gain access to the grooves.:Doh:

    Be warned new parts are not cheap (because they are so specialised) and fitting is a swine of a job.:cry:

    Good luck with it though:thumb:

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