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  1. Kiwi Coss

    Kiwi Coss

    Jan 3, 2013
    New Zealand
    I have a Zehnder DX75e digital satellite reciever and I have changed the transponder setting somehow and only get reception on some channels, but not as many as before. I am heading to Algeciras, am presently in Torrevija and slowly going to Cartagena this week. Does anyone know where I can go to get it checked and reset? Or can anyone tell me step by step how to reset it! You can call me on English number 07857303126, or Spain +34693984713. I Can also meet anyone if they are in the general area. I am restricted for Internet as only can access when I am in McDonalds or cafe's. Also anyone know the best network to get a sim for data in Spain or is it too expensive. Thanks in advance. Colin
  2. tonka

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    Jul 2, 2008
    Cannock, Staffs or Benidorm, spain
    If you wanna backtrack to benidorm i am here till thursday.. Can have a look for you.
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  3. callumwa


    Jan 16, 2011
    Tyne & Wear, sometimes..
    I think if you get a Lebara ES (Spanish) sim you can buy a 500mb data allowance valid for 30 days for about €10..

    I don't know what size dish you have and I'm not familiar with your receiver. I change the transponder on my Sky Box to a southern beam transponder, (it needs this to get the EPG) when as far south as Algeciras but still lose a view free channels but still get all the Sky News, sports channels etc. On our other receiver I use for 19E, Nilesat etc, I never change transponders.

    You may find as you head further south you will lose reception on several UK channels anyhow as you move away from the footprint for 28E, so it may not necessarily be your transponder settings...
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  4. John & Joan

    John & Joan

    Mar 30, 2010
    We bought this one at Carrefour, Torreveija.

    Carrefour Móvil
    Tarifa diaria:
    This is the default plan for carrefour data SIM cards, no activation is necessary.
    1 euro per day, 100 MB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128k
    You are charged only for the days that you connect.
    A 3 euro/month minimum spending applies.

    There are these options available once you have the basic SIM
    A 'bono 1GB' add on is available:
    19 Euro for 30 days, 1GB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128k
    Enable this plan by sending SMS to 22864 with the text ALTA BONO 1GB
    Quit the plan by sending BAJA BONO 1GB to 22864
    Check the amount of data you have used by sending BONO 1GB to 22864

    A 'bono 3GB' add on is also available:
    29 Euro for 30 days, 3GB at full 3G speed, thereafter speed is reduced to 128k
    Make sure that you have enough balance on your SIM card (at least 35 Euro).
    Enable the plan by sending SMS to 22864 with the text ALTA BONO 3GB
    Check the amount of data you have used by sending BONO 3GB to 22864 (5 free SMS per month)

    SIM card costs 10 Euro, with 5 Euro credit.

    Carrefour Móvil
    It's an MVNO operating in Orange network, supports GSM.

    There is also a Data/Voice one available. You do need an unlocked dongle or MiFi to use the data only SIM.

    As for TV

    We use a cheap FTA box (EagleBox will work on 12V) that does not need to be changed to get most of our TV. Once it is tuned to a transponder it holds the stations in memory. It is tuned to each transponder in turn then all the rubbish stations need to be deleted.
    We are at Camposol (hot springs south of Cartagena) at present and have BBC & ITV but no Ch4 or CH5. We had one spell of bad weather and lost all but CNN and a few shopping channels for a day or so Sometimes loss of signal can be down to weather conditions.

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