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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by mandymops, May 22, 2012.

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    I have a tiny bedford rascal nipper with a leisure battery which powers three little lights and the pump which works my cold water tap and possibly a microwave which I think may be 12v if that's possible. There are numerous 3 pin sockets in the van and I'm assuming I shouldn't use these unless on EHU. My question is,can I plug in phones and my rechargable DAB radio to charge whilst driving? Would they take power from the engine or drain the leisure battery? There is a funny little fuse box thing with switches in a seat locker but I'm baffled by that. I'm not likely to often be in places that have EHU as we tend to seek out remote,wild spots. I'd be really grateful for any 'idiot-proof' advice.:Sad: Thanks
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    if you mean plugging a regular mains phone charger into the 3 pin sockets while driving it wont work...they will be 230v (hookup) only.

    the microwave may be 12v but if it is it will flatten your battery very quickly as it will have an inbuilt inverter to produce the 230v needed to run it.

    best thing to charge 12v stuff on the move is a fag lighter socket in the dashboard.

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