Help!! NYLATCH 1/4 Turn HRN6-4-2

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    My fridge vents (which, helpfully, are not standard to anything I can Google) are held in place by a couple of nylon push fit removable rivet type fasteners.

    I only learnt they were 1/4 turn to remove them after trying to pull the centre bit straight out. So I broke one but two other were damaged and loose fitting so need replacing.

    Quater Turn NYLATCH HRN6-4-2 (white) .358"x.377" hole size

    I've located a data sheet on the fastener but can't find a UK supplier. I only need 6 (to have a couple spare). The image below is for a different size but will give an idea of the shape of the fastener.

    Does anyone recognise these items and/or know where they can be sourced in the UK?

    I could always drill and screw the vents back into the frame but it would look better if I could just refasten them.

    Fingers crossed someone in the FUN-o-sphere out there recognises the part.
    Many thanks
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    Searching eBay for "fridge vent clips" provides Six Results.

    "fridge vent fasteners" produces Three Results.

    Any good?

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