HELP! - Insurance problems



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I've just bought a Merc 308D LWB conversion for £3k. I don't have any documentation on who converted it. I have 8 points on my licence (and 11 within the 5 year insurance period).

I've rung all over for insurance but it seems that lots of places won't quote if it's not a certified professional conversion. Those that will quote for that are often refusing to quote because of my convictions. Only one or two places will quote and best price so far is £875 fully comp.

Does anybody know of insurers who are good for uncertified/self conversions and driving convictions? (Or just good for uncertified/self conversions that I could ring and ask about the convictions?)

Thanks a lot.

Chris Henderson


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Yep - spoke to them but no joy... £1200+ !
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