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    I want help deleting photo's from my galaxy note , it s synced with my online picassa albums, but there are so many photo's on my phone now and its making it slow to load up,I dont want to look at over 3000 photo's on my phone.
    I had help with this a while ago and stopped my picassa albums appearing on my phone from this forum but I have forgotten how to do it, can anyone help on this please?
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    With my Android phone (Sony) I can just plug it into the PC and using Windows file explorer find all the images on it and then copy or delete them. This will be the easiest way to deal with a lot of files.

    They should be either on the device or in an SD card in a folder called DCIM and within that the folder 100ANDRO. Your phone may store them somewhere else but this where Android normally stores them in my experience.

    When you plug it into the PC it may fire up a special program for managing the phone, for example backing up, but the normal windows file manager will probably be quickest for deleting files.

    The syncing thing will be somewhere in the phone settings. I suggest go to Settings, then select Account and then select Google. You should see your google email address and if you tap it you should get a screen with lots of boxes about syncing you can uncheck. A bit of trial and error probably required.
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