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  1. crutch


    Apr 18, 2015
    Hi, I have been introduced to this site by Ash at vanbitz! My wife and I ordered a new swift kon tiki 649 at the caravan & motorhome show at the N.E.C. In October last year. We have been told by our dealer that it should be available to pick up on 1st May, so I was calling around looking for the best package on alarms & trackers (as this is what our insurance stipulated, comfort insurance). I had phoned several large companies for quotes and vanbitz seemed the right choice - even though the price was higher than other quotes from other companies. It's booked in on 2nd May to have a "Growler" strickback alarm and a trackstar tracker fitted (so please tell me now if anyone has experienced any problems with any of these products???, and the pro's of the products). We are fairly new to motorhoming as this is our 2nd van, the first being a Bailey approach SE 760 (63 plate). It was a great van but we had lots of trouble with it, which didn't help having Alan Kerr of Paignton as our dealer, they wasn't very forthright in fixing the problems we experienced with the van. We even took it back twice as we could smell gas, which they said there was nothing wrong with it !! Having lost all faith in them I contacted Bailey direct! The van went to Bristol for 4 weeks to resolve all issues, guess what? They installed a new hob as the original one had got a gas leak!!!! They also found ouot that Alan Kerr had wrongly installed the reversing sensors which short circuited the BSI UNIT (built-in systems interface) the electronic box of tricks that looks after wipers, lights, indicators, air con, electric windows, electric mirrors, central locking etc etc. this unit alone is £3000 + VAT, plus labour and a new wiring loom. A total figure of nearly 6 grand. Luckily for us Bailey foot the bill for that!! Having had all the work competed by Bailey, we enjoyed using the van for a few months and heading off to the nec for a fiamma bike cover and chevron sign (check, got them in our bag, so let's have a wonder around!!!) then we spotted the Swift Kon Tiki 649, fell in love with it, looked at a few deals with different dealers, done the deal (which meant giving up our van straight away as the dealer had a buyer), and we are still without a van until 1st May. But I have booked a week off from the 8th May and are looking to go up to the Lake District, so can anyone recommend a good quiet site as we need a well deserved rest after a short but epic motorhome journey that we have been on!!
  2. PaulyP

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    Jul 29, 2011
    C&CC site in Bowness, Braithwaite Fold.
    Ncver yet managed to stay there but it is in a good position.
    Have a look on ukcampsites.co.uk your sure to find a place to suit your needs.
  3. themountaintiger


    Sep 27, 2009
    did you guys get the swift 649?? im thinking of getting one..

    Also dont bother with C&CC site in Bowness, Braithwaite Fold. Its length restriction is about 7 metres length

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