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Jul 30, 2021
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Hello everyone,

We have just joined and subscribed to the forum, we have been fortunate to use a few motor homes from friends over the years and are now looking to invest in one of our own. we are interested in a 5.4m camper and have looked at the Hymer, Carado and Adria so far. We want something compact as it will mainly be used for long weekends and the idea of easy parking and using it as a second vehicle when required is also appealing to us.

It must have 4 seatbelts and a minimum of 3 berths as we would occasionally take our teenage son (if we can entice him from the Xbox🤣). l also Intend to go off grid at times, as we intend to explore the more rural areas of the UK.

We have been looking at new vehicles but the choice of optional extras is somewhat overwhelming and it would be great to hear what you guys would consider as the necessary factory options.

Some questions that come to mind:

Solar power - what output would you go for if you were running a compressor fridge and potentially a diesel heating system? l have read that these are quite large consumers if camping of grid for 4/5 days?

Which batteries? and how many?

Heated water tanks, again how much power would these draw?

I’m sure there are lots of obvious things that l have missed and l would appreciate any advice and experience you could offer. I would be particularly interested in anyone who owns a 5.4m camper and things they would have changed in hindsight.

All the best

Apr 20, 2012
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Welcome from Derbyshire also great advice and knowledge on here heed it like we did will save you so much money and more than that so much heartache
Jun 23, 2020
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Nov 14, 2020
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Some questions that come to mind:
Greetings from Dronfield,

Each one of your questions is a full topic in it's own right !

I suggest that you utilise MHF search facility to find threads on these popular topics. ( other MH forums are available ! )

it's a daunting task for anyone to attempt comprehensively answering your post.

In my experience, asking a simple pointed question is best. But for that, you need to have a little knowledge already . . . . .

uTube is another VAST source of info ( on just about everything ).

I had an Autosleepers Symbol Peugeot Boxer ( Van conversion) What I regretted was the Erspacher diesel heater. It used fuel from the vehicle fuel tank (great), but blower was noisy and if Leisure battery went below about 75%, it would not work - I had no heat.

In hindsight, PV (solar) would have helped, but I never intended to keep the vehicle for long (important consideration). Perhaps also, a new leisure battery would have made a difference. I was (still am) on a learning curve.

And I will only consider a fixed bed from now on. the twice daily Les Kellet impersonation with the folding bed became just too much !!!

It is alleged that you dont get the van you wanted until van number 3.

Good Luck

Feb 5, 2020
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:welcome4: from the Pool of Life.

Prob best to split your questions into diff threads.

Pop over to the Morning Funsters threat (lots of really nice people there) also some of them know a thing or two.