Heating problem ???

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    Thanks James for your info.

    Merry Christmas all.

    We are on a small private site in the Midlands, with all facilities. On Monday night the dump valve operated & dumped the boiler water. No problem there, I simply turned the onboard heating on low overnight to maintain the temp to avoid that situation again. We arrived on site (Monday) with 2 full 6Kg propane bottles, apart from cooking & the low heating only setting (overnight, Tuesday & Wednesday) on the control dial, this morning we were out of gas ?????? Then we realised the domestic hot water, which had not been selected & which is on the same dial was boiling hot. Logic tells me that the switch is wired up wrongly. The settings are, from off, 1 turn anticlockwise gives water temp @ 40 degrees, one further click anticlockwise gives 60degrees. According to the book, these are "summer settings" So back to the off position, 1 click clockwise gives heating blown air, a further click gives heating & water @ 60degrees. (Winter settings) Now plainly, the heating has to heat some water to provide the heat to disperse into the living area, but set at a minimum, to maintain a moderate heat for the dump valve & then to end up with the water boiling hot & therefore no gas after just 2 days is, to me, a problem, or am I missing something. During the day & evening, before beddy byes, we use a 2Kw electric heater, which was left on at a low setting overnight on the Monday we arrived, hence the dump valve operating, because it's in a position not to get any heat from the electric fan heater. And therefore the reason the gas heating was applied on the Tuesday & Wednesday nights.
    Any thoughts ???


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