have just had my first accident.

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    Apr 8, 2009
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    i was stationary waiting to turn right at cross roads. car opposite me was turning right, and went too early, causing the car coming on the main road to swerve to the left, hitting me. he is a local businessman, and seemed very upset at wot had happened. i have not had an accident, 53 now, been driving for 36 years, did not realy know wot to expect. We changed business cards, insurance details, registration numbers etc... Both cars where driveable.
    this is what happened next:

    Thursday: 8.45am accident
    9.00 informed directline of accident, took 30 mins.
    9.45 Uk assistance(owned by direct line insurance, who are owned by thr RBS)phoned to say that a lorry would pick my car up on Friday at 14.00.
    11.00 Direct line phoned to see if i wanted a courtesty car. Arranged to pick up on friday.

    Friday: !0.20 Police left message on house phone to say to contact them regarding accident. did, but only left message.
    11.30 picked up courtesy car from Enterprise cars.
    11.31 (as getting into car) Esure(the other guys insurance company) phoned to say that as it was our drivers fault, do i need a lift/car/taxi anywhere.
    13.00 UK assistance phoned to say be for your car in half an hour.
    13.30 car on lorry.
    16.05 Direct line phoned to say car on way to garage, Esure admitted liabilaty, do i nedd anything.
    16.50 driver who smashed into me phoned (i was in the bath) to say sorry, and his insurance company will look after me.

    saturday: nothing

    sunday: 9.05 (mothers day) Uk assistance phoned to say car requires new bumber, LHS front wing, and will inspect the head light.

    Not heard anything this week, car due back next wednesday.
    very impressed with everybody, so far.
    Oh, phoned police today, and constable says, as long as i am being dealt with fairly by the insurance company, then they will not get involved, but stressed, should they be a problem, to contact them.
    so far so good...:Smile:
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    Aug 3, 2009
    These things are sent to try us at least they are getting a move on with it, glad no one was hurt other than vehicles which can be repaired
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    Sep 29, 2009
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    Wow, sounds like your gonna be sorted very quickly. Pleased no one was hurt.

  4. mr bond

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    you are very lucky as i own a accident managment company and we act for the client instead of thair insurance company as both insurance companies usualy work together to keep the cost down everybody else i speak to is oh they wont give us a car or the value for my vehicle is low or the compensation im recieving is not very good so you are one of the lucky ones im sure you wont get that service again as a lot of the time the third party insurance company is the same as yours or they do deals with each other:thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Check any paintwork carefully as Direct line use their own garage and when they repaired my car a few years back the paintwork was very poor. I refused the vehicle 4 times.
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    May 15, 2009
    Glad to hear you were both unhurt and the other driver sounds like the type who is honest enough to tell them the truth so they admit its his fault and decent enough to ring you up
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    Jan 23, 2010
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    Insurance and Repairs

    Hope that your incident is resolved satisfactorily.

    Interestingly in many cases where you are alone in your vehicle and the other vehicle has driver plus passenger be very cautious.

    At the scene the other driver may well admit blame and you might feel that they are genuine.

    Some days later when the accident claim forms arrive you may find that the other driver and his/her passenger will have concocted a totally different scenario. With two accounts against yours the insurers will then play the percentage blame game.

    Always try to get an independant witness and where possible take photographs of the scene and accident damage.

    When your vehicle is repaired do check thoroughly because in some cases a garage will utilise a bumper/door/valance from another vehicle held in their write off bay. This will be fitted as NEW, oversprayed and the insurers will have 'shelled' out at a premium price.

    This happened with a Volvo dealer in East Anglia who when challenged merely stated that the driver/owner should have been made aware at the time of collection and that the 'repair' was temporary until the new part arrived.! Some one had forgotten to impart this to the owner !!!??? The rear end bumper was already rusted on its inner surface.!!

    As a qualified vehicle examiner I discovered this scam, so do be extra vigilant when collecting your vehicle after any repairs.

    Finally the one factor which many claimants overlook is that usually within a few weeks/months of such an impact the exhaust
    will fail. This may look and sound alright after the accident but the stress and jolt from the collision is often the cause.

    If collecting your vehicle during hours of darkness do not sign the form as being fully satisfied with the repair, colour matches are difficult to check.


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