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    Aug 22, 2011
    Hi All

    Just back from extended trip down to Essanjay (brilliant place) in Dorset and wanted to thank all those who contributed to my questions about tyres/suspension/grounding/electric step issues. We are now much happier campers :Smile:

    Had new tyres fitted before driving to Dorset. That alone made huge difference to handling. Obviously still affected when large vehicles drive past etc, but instead of struggling not to weave we now hold the road ::bigsmile: Then had air suspension (Firestone) fitted (along with long overdue cambelt replacement). They said that although we were still MOT worthy (handy as it only passed in Aug!) it was sitting right down on the rubber cones and no spring left in the springs! Not gone as far as to curve the leaf springs the wrong way, but pretty flat. We seem to have managed about 1 1/2 to 2" extra ground clearance which should hopefully solve our problem. Now when we go over dips/bumps in the road we bounce rather than thump over them :Smile: Made huge difference to overall handling. They also very kindly replaced the switch for the electric step....not quite right yet as no longer returns automatically when ignition starts, but at least we were able to get in and out.

    Also, after reading reviews on here I invested in a Duvalay for the single sofa and slept on that with my little person in the overcab bed. I suffer from back problems and this is the first time I've had a really comfy sleep in Daisy1 or 2 ::bigsmile:

    Haven was an eye opening experience :winky: CCC site at Salisbury was great location though. Shame only stayed there last night and couldn't stay longer. On our list of places to return to.

    My grumble though is about people (in a motorhome) who know they've come into contact with you but decide to keep driving anyway and not stop to check for damage. Just because it isn't a convenient location for stopping does not excuse it! Of course I'm sure they aren't someone from this site :winky: Fortunately I can't see anything worse than a surface scrape (although I didn't see where they hit...just felt/heard it).

    So its been an expensive couple of weeks (dealership I bought from did agree to pay for the cambelt replacement as it clearly should have been done before - nearly 5 years overdue a change!) but as I can now sleep comfortably and the van is like a different vehicle to drive I think it was all worthwhile. I won't quite go so far as to say I enjoy driving her yet but I'm getting there ::bigsmile: So thank you all for your suggestions, tips and wisdom. All gratefully received and we are at last, again, happy campers ::bigsmile:


    ps. anyone looking for a great little TV we just bought a 7in one from Maplins (they also had a 9" one I think) and its great. £100. Includes remote, DVD player, USB port and memory card slot. Also included free headrest fitting gadget. Runs off rechargeable battery (provides about 2hrs TV apparently) and can charge from cigarette socket or normal plug socket (you can also watch directly from power source). Great picture, lousy instructions.
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