Grey nomads take on unfriendly Queensland towns

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    Jul 25, 2007
    GREY nomads fed up with being made to feel "unwelcome" as they travel Queensland's open roads are striking back with plans for their own tourist map of motor-home friendly towns.

    The recreational vehicle market is worth $3 billion to Queensland a year. But while some towns roll out the welcome mat, others have been criticised for turning their back on big-spending older travellers.
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    A few towns in Queensland ( my home state ) are starting to follow the example of Sarina ( north QLD ) where the council has supplied amenities for travelers. At any time of year you can see at least 10 motor homes or caravans parked by the rail line. If every person leaves 25 dollars a day then the town is getting a great payoff for its investment. When it comes to parking in mining towns it is not so easy to wild camp but most mining towns are not tourist destinations. Parking in towns like Cairns and Rockhampton is very easy and they are tourist towns.:thumb:
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