Greetings from Andalucia - Renault Trafic RV50/Rimini

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Crackers, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Crackers


    Jan 13, 2008
    Crackers by name, crackers by nature :) Just acquired a 1988 Renault T1000 Trafic Autosleeper RV50/Rimini (I think, lol). The interior has been ´re-modeled´, if I can put it kindly, and I am just in the process of re-organising the internal configuration to a more practical layout, for me, also losing some of the vast quantity of screws and brackets to reduce overall weight :) It could really use being re-built, to return everything to ´square´, but that´s not going to happen right now!

    The van managed the journey from UK to Andalucia, in January (coldest part was camping in the Pyrenees lol) but did require 3 litres of oil and economy seems to have been only about 22.5mpg, which seems fairly unimpressive to me?

    The seat/bed ran crossways behind the front seats which, if you´re 6ft and like to stretch, didn´t give enough space. At the rear offside (rhd) is a toilet/shower cubicle and the sink and cooker was L shaped at the rear nearside. The cubicle will be squared up, the L shaped sink/cooker will go behind the driver and the seat/bed to go rear nearside so that it can be extended width and length ways to give a decently long but cuddly width bed (as I´m single this is a little academic but one can always live in hope :ROFLMAO:)

    The electrics look pretty frightening, the 12v will need to be re-run and cable clipped and the mains hook up exists but just seems to run to un-terminated cables. There was no retaining system for leisure battery or watter bottles and no decent catches on any of the doors/drawers so everything was capable of sliding all over the place. So, just in case I was in danger of not having enough things to keep me occupied ..... :Doh:

    So, anybody else got one of these? How about sharing some experience? As I´m a first timer any tips are useful :thumb:


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