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  1. jeremiah


    Mar 10, 2012
    Hello and thank you for letting me join this forum , I joined because I would love some information please :Smile:
    Myself and my wife are self employed, the business isn't doing much and we are struggling to meet the mortgage, we were thinking about selling the house and buying a motorhome, we would register it at our son's house so we could get insurance and such, we won't be able to buy a flash motorhome because the house isn't worth much so it will be an older motorhome,i would sell tomorrow and buy a motorhome but my wife is edgy about taking the plunge and dosen't know if she could live permanently in a motorhome, our plan would be to carry on with the business but save as much as humanly possible to buy a house say in five years time, my wife is due some inheritence also so it would allow us to buy a house outright.
    Sorry for the long introduction I look forward to any suggestions :thumb:
  2. slobadoberbob


    Jun 1, 2009
    Kent, garden of England
    Welcome to the world of Motor homes

    You make your posts as long as you want.. while some may not read them others will. I am sure you will get responses to your questions / concerns.

    Can I direct you to the sister site it is owned by the same people and is for the American RV's they have lots of 365'vers .. people that live in motor homes (RV's) and fiver's (units that are moved on the king pin of a pulling vehicle ).. many have the RV's on sites or move around as needed. same with the overs.. if you pop over to that site and have look you may find you will get more information.. if you belong to both sites it cost £15 a year and well worth the money.

    It is a mind set thing.. RV's can be around mid 20's to 40' and many have slide out walls that make them very big.. prices for an older RV from about £10k to £200k... lots between.

    Have a look on Ebay under American RV motorhomes and you will soon see what i am talking about... road tax on an RV is £165 a year and insurance comes in normally about mid £500's ..licence requirements will be C1 minimum plus an E if you intend to tow.. that allows you up to 7.5 tons or 8.25 with a trailer but you have to check your licence entitlement.. bigger RV's require a C licence .. again you can get plenty of advice on the RVOC and one of the members Rick runs a HGV truck school and has sorted out many people.

    Anyway big step, but lots make it every year.

    wish you luck and if you want more info .. either post on the MHF site or p.m. direct.

    Bob, Sue and Ezzie the St Bernard:thumb:
  3. marrod23

    marrod23 Funster

    Sep 14, 2009
    uffculm mid devon
    Hi we did it for 5 years it was an experience we wouldn't have missed for the world but we got it out of our system & we are now back in a house i suppose we were different in the fact that we only worked in the summer & were able to travel down to Spain to escape the colder weather but remember its a short life so enjoy as much of it as you can happy travels cheers rod:thumb:
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  4. Johns_Cross_Motorhomes

    Johns_Cross_Motorhomes Trader - Motorhome & Accessory Sales

    Jan 5, 2008
    East Sussex 01-580-881288
    Hi and welcome to Fun.

    Be best to visit some dealers and sit in and ponder abiut living full time, you will have a job in escaping the wife as there is nowhere to go, do you fight and squabble easlily? Every one needs their own space from time to time.

    Yes it will get the millstone of the mortage off your back

  5. scotjimland

    scotjimland Funster Life Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    Hi .. welcome

    Also an ex fulltimer, did it for three years but now settled back in a house.. and no, wouldn't do it again..
    We sold up and it's probably the worst mistake we made.. We didn't need to sell, our motorhome was already purchased.. would have been much better to keep the house and rent out..

    You don't say where you would park while working... would that be at the son's house ?
    If not you have to consider the site fees and also finding a site that will let you stay full time..

    Small CLs are probably the best bet, but you have to get to know the owners as they have a legal max stay of 28days.. some owners turn a blind eye once they get to know you.. but don't go asking outright.. stay a few weeks then see how they are.. they may well ask if you want to stay longer but always be prepared to leave if they change their mind. Some fulltimers have two CL bases and alternate between them on a 28 day cycle.

    Budget on at least £12 per night .. + gas .. say around £400 per month.. minimum.
    Living full time in a motorhome is not cheap.. cheaper perhaps than a house.. but you still have considerable expenses.

    Living in a motorhome of whatever size (ours was a 36Ft American RV ) can get claustrophobic, especially in winter .. storage space is also very limited. It takes a lot of getting used to, it's not the same as a 3 or 4 week holiday.

    It was put to me like this..
    Imagine your kitchen, throw a double mattress on the floor and put a pota poti in the corner.. .. now live in that room for a week... wash and cook, see how you get on ..

    Have you looked at alternatives.. ie renting a static caravan... or even private rented flat ?
    It may not work out much more expensive and it would save spending your precious capital on a motorhome.. just a thought.
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  6. DESCO


    Mar 11, 2009
    Welcome to MH Fun

    Can't help with full timing never done it.

    Would recommend ScotJimland's advice and previous postings he has made on the subject, it will give you a good insight into full timing from someone who has been there, and done it, he tells it warts and all.
  7. Reallyretired

    Reallyretired Funster

    Apr 27, 2008
    Eastbourne East Sussex

    You don't say whether your business can be run remotely eg web based. If it can you can travel where you like and still work. Internet conection can be pricey abroad though unless you can run your business from McDonalds of course. I can't help you with fulltiming though as I have never done it.

    Currently on SteveUTG CL on the isle of Sheppey where he will be resealing my roof vents. You will find that like a house, a motorhome always needs something doing to it.
  8. johnp10

    johnp10 Funster

    Oct 12, 2009
    North Lincolnshire
    Hi and welcome.
    You will get good info on anything on here.
  9. Terry

    Terry Funster Life Member

    Dec 27, 2007
    South yorks
    Hi and welcome :thumb: I have never full timed so not much advice from me on that subject :Smile: Suggestions--I would also consider a large caravan as that would give you space for probably a lot less money.Your biggest concern ( I imagine ) is where you are going to stay ?or possibly buy a small plot of land to park up on ? This of course will cause it's own problems.A RV will give plenty of room for the money but fuel costs will kill you(10/12 mpg if lucky) :Doh: A euro van may not be big enough but will only take half as much to run :Smile:(INS ON A EURO VAN AROUND £250 ish and around 22/26 mpg ish)
    A little more info ? is business able to run from M/H or premises or can you travel and run it ?that way you could kill 2 birds etc, Travel and earn a living at the same time :thumb: sounds good ::bigsmile: but not always easy.
    I have met a couple who bought leather coats from Turkey then travelled around selling them allowing them to pay expenses before going to restock---not sure they would do that now with fuel prices :winky:good luck :winky:
  10. hdvrod


    Dec 27, 2011
    That sounds like very good advice!
  11. Welsh girl

    Welsh girl Funster Life Member

    Nov 7, 2009
    living the dream.
    We have fulltimed for 4 years now and we sold our house back in 2008, we had a smaller MH and progressed up to the one we have now 23ft euro van.
    We wanted a RV but don't want the expense of the fuel that we would use at even though you do get a huge amount of more space and comfort I guess, you takes your choice there I reckon.
    You need to get on with your partner as you will feel you need space.
    We wouldn't want to go back to bricks and mortar now, we would feel trapped as we now have the means to up sticks and go anywhere taking our home with us, be it seaside or rural.
    We have kept money from the sale of house should one of us get ill and we HAVE to be static.
    But we could rent one if we wanted I suppose but don't feel the need to waste money on renting out someone else's property when we have our home on wheels.
    Terry is retired so we don't need to earn and we get by with his pension without using our savings.
    We are very lucky in that respect.
    It's not for everyone but at least by trying it maybe by renting out your place first and buying an older mh to see if you get on with less space and if you like the lifestyle.
    We pay fulltiming insurance rates on our van which is £619 a year, more than the £250 we used to pay in the beginning but I didn't like the thought that if the insurance found out we were living in the van that we wouldn't be insured so now we pay the extra and have told them we live in the van and they take a c/o address which is my daughters.
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  12. Gran & Rog

    Gran & Rog Funster

    Apr 17, 2011
    Lofthouse, Wakefield
    welcome to Fun, good luck with your plans

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