going to sardinia!!

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    Hi everyone!
    Just finished booking our next longish tip--May and alot of june to Sardinia.
    After alot of soul searching and internet trawling, got what appears to be the cheapest ferry offering---Moby Lines, Polombino ( Tuscany) to Olbia for £186 return.This is one of these where you sleep in your van on the deck, like the greek ferries.
    We can also have a bit of time again in Tuscany!!!!
    Our ferry from the uk by the way is PO Hull to Zeebrugge booked through c/club--£375 return INCLUDING 10 camping cheques, making the crossing only £245ish----Thats a good deal!!!

    ANYWAY----just wondered if anyone can recommend some good sites, its ok looking at the site books, but we like first hand recommendation.
    We will be looking for a mixture, nice beach, access to shops, surrounding trips etc. ( we have a scooter with us!)

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