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    Austrian Go-Box

    I am writing this after it was suggested last year, and maybe it can be “stickered” if that is felt appropriate.

    Motorhomes over 3.5 tonne require a GoBox to travel on Austrian autobahns and some tunnels.

    Where to buy:

    One the German autobahn approaching Austria, the Go-Box sales points are well signposted. Coming from the West, Landau/Bregenz on the A14 there is a large purpose built park. Other service stations in Germany will also sell the box.

    It would be useful to have some German, - the men I have dealt with did not speak much English.

    What you will need:

    Charges per km and for tunnels are based on Euro emission status (I – VI) and rear wheel number (2-6). My Sprinter based Frankia is EuroVI and 2 wheel on box. It may be useful to have your emission certificate available to placate the seller, though it is not essential.

    The box is linked to you and the registration of the vehicle.

    Minimum pre pay is €100. This will just about get you from West Bregenz to East and out via Saltzburg.

    What next?:

    You have a small plastic box within a cardboard box. There is a long instruction leaflet with full English translation, which is worth reading.

    You will affix the box to your windscreen (with Velcro) in a place where an overhead scanner can identify it – essentially low on your windscreen, probably next to the GPS.

    Start the box by pressing the single button, and then identify your wheel number (probably 2) by pressing again once (two presses would be for 3, three for four). Small lights identify your choice.

    There is no need for any extra battery.

    You are now good to go.

    On the road:

    The box will now happily ping away as you drive under the numerous gantries and into the tunnels.

    It also allows you to drive through various peages with a ping without having to stop.

    One ping is good, two pings bad.

    There ARE spot checks and >3.5 are occasionally directed off to an area to check box function.

    Do not be tempted to drive through without a box, I have no doubt the politzei would get you.

    I used a box in 2016 and switched it off for the summer. It worked again Winter 2017 although needed topping up.

    What to do if you run out of credit and get two pings?

    No emergency, just drive to the next GoBox point of sale – almost certainly the next autobahn service station.

    The process of refuelling the box is very easy. The chap will place the box on a reader and tell you your required top up cost. The likelihood is you will also need to add extra credit unless you have just left Austria. The box recognises your registration number.


    Within 2 weeks of leaving Austria you need to provide proof of your emission status. This can be done by email to the ASFIG centre (web address on that long strip of paper you did not throw away). I sent photo scans of my emission certificate and V5 certificate.

    Penalty for forgetting this is around €250 IIRC.

    The responder was very polite and in English in my case.

    It is of course possible to drive though not using the motorways, but obviously in Winter it would be more difficult.

    Hope this helps – I take no responsibility for any problems caused by errors.]
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    Glad ours is only 3.5 tonnes - you buy a low cost windscreen sticker covering a set number of days at the last service area before Austria and that's it.

    Informative post though - thank you.
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    That just confirms all I've read and it really puts me off Austria. We are trying to get to Slovenia in mid March in a 4.5 ton van and out of the 20+ countries we will be travelling through on the entire trip, Austria is causing the biggest problem! I don't know if non toll roads would be suitable to drive on mid-late March and going by the ridiculous bureaucracy of the Austrian system the best I can find out is that I won't need snow tyres after 15th March? Any advice would be welcome.
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    I agree with you about Austria and the OP post just lays out how complex the system is - and expensive for a Euro 3 emissiond MH like ours.

    We are planning to go to Italy from Poland next year but it is a comparitively short distance through Austria so will stick to the non/motorways.

    We often do Southern France- Southern Poland and travel via Germany, but OH queried whether it would be better to transit Czech Republic with their 'Go Box'. I checked and found it would be 2km shorter and 20 mins longer, because the M/ways do a dog-leg. So we will stick to Germany, where one can really gobble up the kms, with no faff re box.

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    Nov 13, 2012
    We avoided Austria to get to Slovenia we drove down through France and crossed Italy on the motorway, The motorway tolls in Italy were not expensive and paid at barrier. Alternatively go via Switzerland.
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    J10 M40
    things are on the change in Germany , they intend charging all vehicles of "Auslanders" to drive on their roads .
    I used the Viatoll box in Poland recently , was a bit bureaucratic but easy enough and relatively cheap
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