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    might be worth placing my experience with the Austrian Go box recently:

    Truck is over 3.5t and I wanted schnell strasse to avoid winters roads and use tunnel by St Anton. I had heard of the Go box, but not the nuances.

    If you arrive by autobahn, the service stations near the border can issue the box. Do get it on the German side.

    I was proud that I did the whole deal in German- not sure if the attendant could speak English and it was quite detailed.
    You will need your certificate of conformity to euro VI etc to get the correct price.
    In loaded €100 onto box, and needed around €50 to go from Kitzbuhel to Germany via St Anton.
    You need to turn the Orange box on, and then set the number of axles. Not too difficult, but you don't know you have been successful until the first ping on the motorway.

    Thereafter the box pings happily away as you pass under the gantries. The long tunnel after St Anton was also pinged and did not require paying at a toll booth.


    I would have missed the small print on the lengthy strip of instructions (in many languages) without a recent letter in MMM.
    It is necessary to repeat the proof of conformity within 2 weeks of leaving Austria.
    It's easy enough via email (address on long sheet given with box). I pdf'd my CC iPhone scanner app and had a rapid reply saying they also need your registration document as well. Once this was scanned and sent off they replied they were happy.


    Without the MMM letter I would apparently have had a €240 fine!

    So now I guess I would return to Austria and use the box again (the total toll is not too bad compared with French autoroutes and less hassle certainly in a hard winter weather), but a big fine would have had me thinking twice before returning to what is a very beautiful and friendly country.
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    Yes quite a few people neglect that part. Plenty of people here mention doing so, such as here. I think It's probably worth writing a guide on Fun about the Go Box. Anyone fancy doing one?

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