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    Yes one word..glue.

    Some of you may have read my post about my alarm going off.. a bit sensitive (a bit like me) and needed to be adjusted. I think one of the problems was that I had a dash mount for my Garman hand held sat.. That has a pad that is held flat against a plate by suction.. it worked fine all last year and recently it would just give up and fall off even without the hand held garman in place.. it is one of these hand held cross country units (we use it along side our pioneer saterlite) has large metric or UK miles displayed i.e speed... useful.

    So what has that got to do with glue... well at Bath & West there is this chap that sells a super glue.. HAFIXS - Universal industrial.. £10 for 20g - saw me coming.

    Anyway I ask him will it work on the material I want to stick.. yes it will.. will he take it back if it does not work.. yes he will.

    And yes it worked....

    I had to cut the tip off the end of the tube with the sissors.. yes you can see it coming... I later found I could not open the sissors..glued solid.. had to prize them apart with a matter what pressure I used the sissors would not open.

    The sticky pad on the dashboard is still holding the garmin in place.. so for once it does what it says on the tin.. well plastic bottle in this case.

    Recommend it... plus you keep it in the fridge and it has a very very long shelf life unlike normal super glue.. have used it on several things since purchase and I am, 100% pleased with it.. now if only everything worked like it.

    Bob :thumb:

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