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Feb 21, 2016
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C class
Same as people who buy houses in the country and then complain about the smell
And by a house next to the church and complain about the church bells!

And buy a house next to a pub and complain about the noise at closing time!
Oct 12, 2009
SW London, Poland and all Europe
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One of my customers that i visit several times a year has a very active glider runway right next to it. I remember being in a meeting once and keep hearing this wooshing noise every few minutes, turns out it was the cable system launching the gliders. They have a viewing point there and i now often go there for lunch after a meeting there, it's always super busy and there's often a big queue of gliders getting ready for take off and many in the sky.

The whoosing sound is the cable falling back to the ground after the glider release.
Aug 11, 2019
Not where I would rather be....
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since 1973
The whoosing sound is the cable falling back to the ground after the glider release.
It is more related to the actual launch - the cable is pulled through the air at circa 65 knots (75mph) and has a small parachute attached. It can rather whistle and rustle! When falling back to the ground, the parachute actually slows the drop and so it almost unheard.

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Oct 9, 2019
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Van conversion
Caravan for 25 years then cottages and B&Bs for 15 before finally taking the plunge with PVC
First glider flight was at Woodford in a Slingsby open cockpit, side by side, winch launch just after I joined the Police. It took 40 years for me to start my PPL at Sherburn-in-Elmet and then had shares in a Citabria a 2 seater mildly aerobatic, and a Cirrus SR22 which was the ’Dogs gonads’ with full glass cockpit, leather interior and 4 drinks holders ! They were the dealer maker for my wife oh and the ballistic parachute. Did many £150 bacon buttie flights and a couple of trips to southern France before I reported my director to his fellow directors for fraud, and the job went tits up for a while and I lapsed my licence after 175 hours, I dont think I would have the bottle to go through the reticence process now.I was very lucky to fly backseat in a Tornado from Leeming once that makes you Think about your sanity
Feb 2, 2015
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A motorhome!
we are still learning
Glad we have the van!!! It is ideal for supporting my gliding trips - or at least it will be once I get a tow-bar fitted to tow the trailer by!

Had so many plans this year of venturing across to Germany, Austria and the South of France to sample the vintage gliding scene but we all know what put paid to that idea. No matter, it has given me a chance to work on my bird and get her up to scratch for the forthcoming seasons.

Anyroad - the glider is a Schleicher Ka6CR built in 1955 entirely of wood and fabric. First photo is from when I first bought her last year and the second was from a few weeks ago when fettling her in the workshop.

Any others here who combine motorhoming with gliding?
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Hi the glider. Is it a single seat set up or duo? Love the paint job too

Sep 8, 2019
The Fylde
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Pilote GJ650 A class
about 10 years
I trained mainly in K4 and K13s, and after soloing then in a single seater Slingsby Swallow at the forces Eagle Gliding club in Detmold Germany, and later flew a few other types at the RAFGSA Bicester, where I was lucky once to do the hanger flight in a Blanik with the then CFI Andy Gough in the back seat demonstrating aerobatics. sadly Andy was killed in 82 while doing a show at Brize Norton.
A few years later I converted to power doing my PPL while working out in Abu Dhabi that was in a PA28, unfortunately I couldn't maintain my hours when I was transferred to Oman where private flying was banned and after that came a mortgage and family.
I do occasionally catch myself thinking about doing a PPL again you never know one day I might shove off to somewhere sunny for a few months and go for it after doing the medical.
same here got married and a mortgage never had any spare cash, but she did get me a flight in a tiger moth for my 60th, a few years on I want a session in the Vulcan simulator!

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Jan 22, 2019
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Adria PVC
Rented a few an owner.
My wife remembers watching a glider from London Gliding Club based in Dunstable Downs cruising around, only to be struck by lightning and disintegrating .... pilot managed to open a parachute and survived ....
She bought me a trial flight for my birthday soon after .....🤷‍♂️
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