Gleneagle have you got one need info

Discussion in 'Autocruise CH' started by potjoe, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. potjoe


    Aug 27, 2007
    Hi.looking to buy Gleneagle the last model if i can find one and need info.So if you have one some info good OR bad would help please.:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  2. michael murphy

    michael murphy

    Dec 16, 2009
    autocruise gleneagle

    I have had one for 18 months from new. It is a great motor home and suffices for use by 2 of us only. ( 2 berth). Fuel consumption fine. Speed and control fine. In fact cant find a bad thing to say EXCEPT we have had so much trouble with it. I repeat, we love vehicle but have had so many faults with it.

    From start, we did not know vehicle had a speed restrictor fitted at 60mph nor a tachograph. We paid cash for it, then a week later the supplier rang saying vehicle was not ready for various reasons, " and by the way did we mention it had a speed restrictor and tachograph fitted." The supplier refused to remove same or give our money back.....and we still had not got the vehicle. Anyway it took 2 months to get them removed. Then a whole series of faults occured over the very short lifetime of the vehicle. I probably won't recall all faults now. So here goes.

    Irregular starting...vehicle was cutting out. Vehicle broke down in Lincs and had to be transported back to supplier and then take car hire to return home. With all the faults vehicle had it was off the road 3 months with the supplier.

    It's just come back after another 2 months off the road having suffered rot to habitation door, and 100 per cent damp varying down to 45 per cent in all exterior cupboards. They have fitted a new habitation door.

    Floors had to be re-fitted after few months from delivery cos they were squeaking badly.

    Door handles dropped off......wardrobe door dropped off......had to have new one fitted......several doors warped before the damp was ones were fitted.

    Leaking roof window......badly fitted roof vent in kitchen area....alarm fitted and never worked told 2 days ago supplier now has problem rectified......another find window blind won't 'lie ' properly.....has suddenley become 2 inches out of place......matter arose whilst vehicle being repaired

    Dashboard switch for heater control 'fell out' on to floor. At moment still not repaired. This problem is about 6 months old now.

    Waste water drain tap became almost inoperable.....a few times after telling supplier a different tap has replaced old one.

    The faults are really too long to mention all of them......BUT......we love vehicle....just wish we could have a few months without faults appearing.

    My advice is be very cautious before buying one....I wish we had gone for Auto Trail.

    Cheers.....Michael Murphy.
  3. pappajohn

    pappajohn Funster Life Member

    Aug 26, 2007
    YO11 2BD
    My advice is be very cautious before buying one....

    my advice would be leave well alone.....:Eeek:

    welcome to the FUN michael.
  4. wiljoy

    wiljoy Funster

    May 23, 2008
    Crook, Durham
    Hi potjoe,
    I have a Gleneagle and it was the last one built from Autocruise. I asume Micheal's was a Swift build! Total trash as my friend with a Startrail vouches for.
    I have had my share of problems as I have with my previous 10 vans. The Gleneagle, and ALL Autocruise etc are having problems with habitation doors, I am now on with my second but a friend of mine has now had 3 in 18 months.
    Other problems include 17 recalls, plastic/gel cracking, central heating leaking and other minor things like the glass oven door exploding while in use.
    Overall this has been the least trouble but one word of warning. If offered an insurance backed warranty, refuse. They are the modern day rip off. After claims totally over £6000 my insurance warranty refused everyone. As luck would have it I purchased from a GOOD dealer and he has looked after me even though he is 300 miles away.
    If you want a chat about the Gleneagle just let me know.
  5. aztecannie

    aztecannie Funster

    Apr 23, 2015
    I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to say, we have a 2010 Autocruise Gleneagle and it's amazing!!
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