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Jun 18, 2008
benfleet Essex
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Hi all We are thinking of buying motorhome towards end of year when wife retires But before we do I am thinking of hireing one first,around April/May time. The question is we live in Essex(I know someone has to) and thinking of travelling to Suffolk and Norfolk for a week could you recommend a good camp site for 1 or 2 days so we can get abit use to Motorhome life before we go ahead and buy. Thank,Oh and any other tips cheers


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Nov 17, 2008
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Camping & Caravanning Club (CCC) have sites at Thetford Forest, Sandringham, West Runton (near Cromer) in Norfolk and Kessingland in Suffolk. All welcome non-members.

As you are trying out the idea of motorhoming, you may be more comfortable with the facilities offered by a full site such as those above. Once you are 'into it' you may be happy to rely on the van for everything and do without shower / toilet blocks, electric hook-ups etc. on site, but for now I should play safe.

I have only mentioned CCC sites above as that is the club we are members of. There are of course many other sites, both club and private. Have a look at the CCC and Caravan Club websites.
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Dec 5, 2008
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Zilch Mk1
From Aug 2007
Hi all We are thinking of buying motorhome towards end of year when wife retires

We are only 18 months into MHing. Some thoughts.

It's good. Though be careful with the other half, they sometimes think cooking in a MH is not a holiday, how absurd is that ?

There are TWO vital decisions not one, The Motorhome, The Dealer. Get either wrong and it's curtains.

It is said your third one is the the right one but we got lucky and are very happy with our first - sure we like XXXX from another, we like YYYY from another but it's the total compromise that counts.

We thought of renting but didn't. Why ? Impulsive. Cost.

Unless you are lucky, will you rent one that is right for you ? There are so many HOMES, remember this, it is your HOME and so personal to your needs. There are hundreds of combinations of MH and naturally not many of these will be up for rent.

Ours says 4 berths. No way. Two excellent berths above the cab but the other two mean rearranging the living area for a sub standard 2 berths. Be warned.

Weight. Many say 6 berth but can't carry 6 adults. Absurd. Yes.

I've been monitoring these forums for nearly 2 years and John's Cross without doubt comes out as one of few Good Guys though I've never been there or bought from them.

So, good luck in your search.
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Dec 3, 2007
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Lowline Coachbuilt
Hi and welocome
The caravan club has a site in Great Yarmouth and you can either walk intot the town. or else catch the bus or even the little noddy train which runs from the haven site over the road. Its about 3 mins walk form ther sand dunes and 5 mins from the beach so good if you have a growler.

the clubs have lots of sites and even commercial sites are good for first timers.
if you are going easter then Book ASAP.

Try to find a site where you dont have to move every day so you can spend time getting to know how everything works before you need it. No point travelling all day and then when you want your tea or the telly etc you have to piddle about finding out how everything works..


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American Dream

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Aug 20, 2007
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Unless you are lucky, will you rent one that is right for you ? There are so many HOMES, remember this, it is your HOME and so personal to your needs. There are hundreds of combinations of MH and naturally not many of these will be up for rent.

The only thing about renting one first is you'll realise what your own requirements and ultimate setup would be and then go for the appropriate model that fulfills them.:thumb:

Good Luck.

We Love Kessingland.The kids like the proximity of the zoo and the location.
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Oct 3, 2007
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about 8
Some sites I would recommend are:

Kessingland Caravan Club site in Suffolk, just outside Lowestoft. (I think its called Milestone park, but check it out on the CC website).

Broadlands CC site, just outside Ludham in Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth racecourse, Norfolk.

All these sites are fully serviced. i.e, showers, toilets, electric, laundry facilities etc.

Others to try might include either of the two (caravan club and camping and caravanning club) site at thetford forest. Be aware that the CC at thetford has no shower or toilet, so you would have to use your own facilities (it does have waste disposal for toilet and grey water). However it is great fun using your own en suite bog etc ::bigsmile:

Another brilliant site (adults only, peace and quiet, dog friendly, away from it all, good walks) is A little CL (certified location), called Lower Wood Farm at Mautby, Caister, Norfolk. Unlike a lot of CL's which only offer basic stuff like electric, water and waste emptying, this one is a "luxury" site offering proper toilet and shower and use of a games / information room and free use of indoor heated swimming pool.

Just a word of advice on the motorhome front. We got it right on our second one, but we learned from our first "mistake".
We know that its important to have good "lounging" space. That is: long settees to stretch out on - you could find yourself confined to barracks if the weather turns bad, so we found that comfort is a definate must.
Cooking facilities have to be top rate too, with plenty of workspace for prep. Dont forget that lots of sites are not adjacent to resteraunts etc, and once established on site, you may not want to pack up everything just to go a couple of miles down the road for a bite to eat! We have found that with a decent size fridge/freezer we can carry enough fresh food for about a week before having to replenish our stocks.
Hiring a motorhome is a good idea. It will give you a good idea of what you do and dont want when buying. (for instance, would you consider having a fixed bed, or would that compromise your valuable lounging space. Would you have/need a spacious shower room/washroom at the risk of having a smaller galley area. All these things are important.).
Most importan of allis having fun and enjoying your motorhome. But be warned: Its completely addictive (You'll either love it to bits or hate it entirely - theres no grey area ::bigsmile:::bigsmile:)
Hope thie has been a little help - if you need addresses or directions of the sites mentioned, you can e mail me.

Cheers and happy motorhoming.

Martin & Lynne.
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