getting a better 3g/4g signal

Discussion in 'Web Connections' started by Big Lad, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Big Lad

    Big Lad

    Mar 9, 2015
    we've recently come back after a week in Porth, cornwall.
    As usual, like most coastal sites, the signal for the phones varied.
    When we walked up to the cliffs there was a great 4g signal. when back on site, it dropped to
    phone call signal only, and at best fluctuated between HSPDA / 3G with the wind blowing in the right direction :)

    All im trying to achieve is getting a better signal on site.

    The question i'm asking is do these 3g/4g signal boosters work? are they any good and i'm assuming they need to be connection to a 3g/4g router.

    im hoping some sort of set up would achieve a better signal to simply use the smart phone as normal, more importantly for the internet. Has anyone got any ideas or pointer of what i should be looking at?

    Many Thanks


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