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Oct 23, 2009
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I'm planning a trip to the Moselle Valley / Rhine river this year taking in somewhere ? and Monschau on the way down from the tunnel as its been recommended. We have travelled the Moselle Valley before and enjoyed it but this time rather than stay on that stretch for too long I would like to carry on down the Rhine turning right at Koblenz.

I was hoping for some tips on the better stops on that stretch of the Rhine and some advice on which side of the river to pick west side or east side. I’m hoping to carry out the trip from UK to UK in three weeks.

Any tips or thoughts gratefully accepted .
May 23, 2013
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Monschau is nice for a couple of hours walk around the Stellplatze is at the top of the hill and sloping. About 20 minutes away is Gemund with a great Stellplatze and easy access for cycling and walking in the Eiffel National Park.

If you are stopping at Remagen the Peace Museum is worth a looking at the Bridge and a great stopover near by is Bad Bodendorf with the Stellplatze in the grounds of a thermal swimming pool complex.

Koblenz is also worth a visit with Knaus camping on the side of the river and a boat across to the island in the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel.
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Jan 8, 2013
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My Favourite route south through Germany is to pick up the E40/42 in Dunkirk to Aachen via Charleroi. Turn off at Junction 2 just as it enters Germany and head directly south to Monschau a town unchanged since a 1700. Then south again to the Mosel at Cochem. Tour the Mosel to Boppard and a ferry across the Rhine. For me there is not much to see on the Rhine so either side will do. There are ferry's at various spots down to the south. South to Rüdesheim am Rheine and then I would head for Lindau on the Bodensee. You’re now in my favourite part of Germany, Bavaria and the Tyrol into Austria. There are many place to stop any where in Germany and plenty of Stellplatze if needs be.

Other popular visits are a lap of the old Nurburging and the science museums at Technik Museum Speyer and Sinsheim

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