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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Road Burner, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Road Burner

    Road Burner

    Apr 24, 2008
    Recently bought a new Buerstner Nexxo. It had most of the design features we thought we needed. Plenty of room for our two dogs and loads of storage space.
    Thought that as it was made in Germany, every thing would be top notch. 'Wrong'
    The bathroom mirror is loose, beading came off one shelf. the dinette bed supports came off, beading came off the door fly screen. two lockers were difficult to close need I go on. We have had these faults rectified since, but the bathroom mirror is still loose! I met a man on the road with an almost identicle motor home and he had almost the same faults.

    I guess some of these companies will have to sharpen up on their quality control.
  2. Clausentum

    Clausentum Deleted User

    German Quality Control

    I have also been very disappointed, having initially admired the quality of their designs and interiors, but OH how wrong! After 6 months my vehicle had side body panel paint blisters, which were pitted into the alloy.

    The two repair suggestions are; a) have the whole side resprayed, (which could not fully gaurantee the defect returning)! - b) The side panel completely replaced at a specialist workshop. I am advised by another workshop that this again could present problems, seals, fixtures, panel ripples, etc!

    This year has been a very distressing time for my family, after such a major investment. The Motor Leisure industry does need a better regulator. It would be good to think that the numerous magazine editors would also name and shame. Having investigated numerous Motorhome forums there are some horror stories about. They would fill an entire Top-Gear - 5th Gear or Watchdog programme!

    Watch this space!!
  3. Stephen & Jeannie

    Stephen & Jeannie

    Aug 27, 2008
    Gobowen near Oswestry !!
    end users suffer !

    :Doh::Doh:i had problems with my auto trail (heki roof light leaking) and brownhills wernt very good with dealing with it.problem eventually sorted but it took 18 months or so because i was in france. it would seem that motor homes (pre credit crunch) are in demand so i would imagine that as supply is not meeting demand then corners are being cut. great for the manufacturers but the end user suffers in the end.i am surprised that our teutonic neighbours are letting their standards fall.

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