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    having been at this game longer than I care to admit to , I find in my odds and ends box the following regulators , from a variety of countries

    now sensibly enough the EU has decreed on a standard ...30Mb ;I had this on an onboard regulator 25 years ago , so it is not exactly a new system !
    but my point is that I have used ALL these regulators on butane , propane , and various LPG mixes , and all worked with no problems at all ...clearly the extra puff of the 50Mb was useful in colder climates when heating/water heating /cooking were all working at once , but otherwise the others suffice normally

    so I was a bit shocked this week to meet a newcomer with a 50Mb outfit who had been told he would have to change to a 30Mb system !
    where did this bit of nonsense come from .....the 50Mb has suddenly become dangerous ????

    as a matter of fact my local supermarket still sells 28Mb regulators ....and there is nothing illegal in that !
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    :RollEyes:They are at it again- the Gestapo gauleiters and the dirty Stalinists: can't leave anything alone.... please ,please-let 's vote the whole shebang out and sack the rest of their dirty little minions or else, we should revolt afainst fascist/Stalinist govrebance!! Against the revoltinmg usurpers! 50 mg used to be the german and maybe most of European standard bar France-Italy-UK ? That if I'm right was for mixed propane-butane. Diferent in other countries 'coc of seperate butane-propane. My old Hymer is still 50 and it will stay 50 as long as I am alive and it survives and the hell with any nosey in a cheap grey suit who tries to interfere.:shout:

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