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May 13, 2012
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Ok can anyone tell me if there is a limit as to how much gas or how many bottles we can carry on a Motorhome?
I ask as my new Motorhome holds 2 x Spanish 13 kg bottles and i want to carry a Camping Gaz 907 with ring for outside cooking and to use with my portable gas BBQ
I know there may be limits for travelling in the Tunnel but not sure about quantity laws in Europe (I am based in Spain but assume the law on gas is Europe wide?)
My thoughts are as long as what i carry is in the Gas locker which has a vent then its OK?
I travelled to Morocco over Christmas and New Year in my current van with 2 x 6kg Gaslow refillable's and 2 x 907's but never give the rules a thought?
Incidentally I used the 907 all the time in Morocco so cheap.
I could be out of Spain for up to 6 weeks at a time and need a back up which is the 907. Thanks Funsters
Nov 3, 2013
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Look up "Haz/Chem regs ". This should give you a good idea,i know it sounds strange but some of it is dependant on the size of the cylinders,(Bulk/Packages) Did the course a couple of times over the years
,to long ago now to quote chapter and verse. Hope this helps.
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PS. If a tanker has the orange/whatever Haz boards showing,or a Taut liner with Haz stickers in the pockets on the sides on display........... Try not to hit it !!

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Mar 30, 2010
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There are no regulations regarding carrage og LPG in a Motorhome only recommendations. It is recommended that cylinders are secured and have a gas drop vent.

I carry a spare 907 in the boot secured by other items packed tight around it. I have a fixed exterior LPG tank of 80 litres. That total fits in with the tunnel regulations.

The Tunnel limit is on their website. It only relates to the total gas carried One tank/bottle up to 47kg may be carried, but must be less than 80% full. Multiple bottles or tanks may be carried with a total maximum capacity of 50 kg again must be less than 80% full.
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