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Hi all ,
First post here , needing a bit of help and advice .Recently acquire a Peugeot elddis and had a few outings with the family .We are really enjoying and we are now planning to spend next February in France But I am aware that gaz fittings are different on the continent .Anyone out there who knows a bit about it or at least knows where I can get proper information ?
All help will be greatly appreciated .Many thanks .


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Aug 17, 2007
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Hi Elvis,
The supermarkets in France sell gas bottles, and you can usually pick up their regulator at the same time.:roflmto:
As has been said by Johnsandywhite the simplest method is refillable bottles.
Then you can top up as and when.::bigsmile:
February in France can be very cold:frowny: so you will be using a fair amount of gas.:Mad:
Hope this helps

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