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Discussion in 'GPS Navigation' started by GJH, Apr 29, 2012.

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    We have a Garmin Nuvi 1300T which we are very pleased with overall. The traffic feature is very disappointing though. We paid extra for the 1300T over the 1300 as we thought it might help avoid jams but it doesn't.

    Our trip to Peterborough started a week earlier as we were calling at a couple of other places en route. Unfortunately an accident an hour before we set off closed the A1 between Dishforth & Boroughbridge. Because the Garmin gave the delay as only 7 minutes we took the recommended diversionary route instead of turning off earlier to get round the problem.

    Our total delay was over 4 hours. During that time the figure on the Garmin varied between 1 minute and 15 minutes, wildly inaccurate to say the least. So, if anyone is thinking of buying a similar sat nav I would say that it's a great device but don't pay extra for the T version.
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    You've just reminded me that the traffic reporting cable thing (I think it's some kind of FM receiver) on my old 255W hasn't worked for ages even though I believe I have lifetime membership. Must investigate...although it sounds like it might not be worth the bother.

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