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  1. JeanLuc

    JeanLuc Funster

    Nov 17, 2008
    I am considering the purchase of a new Garmin (daughter has appropriated my five year-old Nüvi 250). I have ruled out other brands as I'm used to Garmin and like them. The choice is between the Dezl 560 truck unit or the Nüvi 3590 which is about the same size (a big one) but designed for car use. My tendency is towards the Dezl but I have been unable to find out whether the 'truck avoidance' data for other European countries is any good (mainly France, Germany, Italy - possibly Spain). I am most concerned with low bridges and weight limits (not the routinely encountered 3.5T limit in French towns - I can deal with those using the signs).
    I am interested in any direct experience Funsters may have of these two units.

    Many thanks.

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