Garmin dezl560 Map not showing/freezing (1 Viewer)

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Apr 29, 2009
West Sussex
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Burstner Nexxo T740
since 2008
I have an issue where in certain areas the Map either freezes or disappears but will come back if I reboot the device. The Location data still works so it tells me which road I am on and what the speed limit is and what speed I am doing.
For example - I turn it on at home and the map is blank. I can drive out to the nearby A23 and as I hit the slip road the map will appear. This happens in other directions as well. Once it is plugged into the van if I press the power button off then on it will sometimes bring the map back. Also for example if I drive down the A22 near Uckfield the display freezes until I reboot.
Garmin have advised me to remove language files I don't use which I have done but its just the same. They have offered me 30% off a different model eg Camper 780 from them which I am tempted by (I would be paying £240) if I return my device after I have purchased the new one.

I see a lot of people using different apps but do any of them have the speed limit and speed of travel as well as ability to enter weight/length/height and route accordingly.

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