Garage recommendation


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Jul 31, 2007
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Just thought I would mention Colchester Borough Council. They did my Euromobil 810 MOT this morning and gave her a thorough going over and service - all for £150.00.

I have the MOT done on her roughly every six months, I know I do not need to but I like to know she is safe and I think a garage would probably charge more for doing a safety check than they would for an MOT.

Anyway CBC spent a good two hours on her and I had three very experienced mechanics climbing all over her, in fact two of them spent 20 years each in the REME prior to joining the council.

I have often heard of people struggling to find a place to do their MOTs. If your local council has a garage (normally to service the Binmen's company vehicles then they are required by law to be available to the public. If they are anything like CBC I can fully recommend them.