Garage door problem

Aug 29, 2019
Funster No
Bailey 745
Since August 14th 2019
Hi Folks,

We have been making plans ahead of being allowed out to play again, whenever that might be, and fixing niggles on our Bailey 745 By the way, thanks to everyone who helped with suggestions for re-terminating the leaking pipe in our Whale Watermaster mains adaptor - now sorted. Latest issue is that the garage door can be opened even when it is locked. Seems like there was only ever minimal purchase for the latch plate on the inside of the plastic door frame, and this has now worn away. I attach photo taken from inside the garage with the door locked - bit of a struggle wriggling into position to get the photo but quite pleased that I managed to get in and out without Management's assistance - she was laughing too much to help anyway!
One solution might be to have a longer latch plate fabricated from stainless steel. Alternatively we could invest in additional door locks. However, we would like to have the original lock repaired if possible for if/when we eventually sell our moho.

Any / all suggestions or recommendations gratefully received. Ta muchly.